Hello world!

My name is Jonah Shafer and I've been working in interactive multimedia production for over ten years developing creative content.  Here is a quick list of some of my skills.

- Graphic Design
- Web Design
- Illustration / Vector Art
- Photography / Photo Editing / Retouching
- Videography / Video Editing
- Visual Effects / Matchmoving / Tracking
- 2D Animation / Motion Graphics
- 3D Animation / 3D Modeling / 3D Printing
- Video Game Design / Interactive Programming
- Music / Sound Production

Check out my work on YouTube or have a look at some of my photography.
Please send me an email with questions or comments.   If you would like to view my previous website click here.

Digital Multimedia Producer...

Producing multimedia revolves around creating different forms of audio and visual art. Most of my work is done with software using a computer, but I do sometimes work with traditional forms of media, like painting, sculpting, sketching, etc. 

When it comes to digital multimedia, I utilize my understanding of software tools and combine that with my creative ideas to produce various media assets. My goal has always been to work towards being versatile when it comes to the results I can produce, and often this versatility is something that allows me unique perspectives and ideas regarding various projects for my clients.


"I'm not a robot."